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Soar in 2024!

Unlock Your Dreams: 21 Days of Discovery & Becoming

A FREE 21-Day Challenge to Ignite Your Passion, Define Your Goals, and Chase Your Dreams.

Welcome to the 'Soar in 2024' Dream Challenge!

Are you ready to step into a fresh season of opportunity and an abundant future aligned with your dreams?


Then, join us on a 21-day transformative journey, starting on Saturday, June 1st!

Hear their stories...

 - 21-Day Dream Challenge - 

Enroll Today and Unlock Your Potential

  • Daily dream prompts delivered right to your email inbox

  • (Please be sure to check your Spam / Junk folder on the first couple days so you don't miss a prompt!)

  • Daily dream prompts delivered via SMS text message

  • The preferred delivery method of past participants

  • Not lost in your email inbox

  • Only $10 (covers SMS delivery fees)

  • Access to a Dream Workbook PDF with two of Mark’s signature tools to guide you from dream to plan to action

Now is YOUR time!

What to expect...


Daily Dream-Provoking Questions
Receive a thought-provoking question every day via email or text, designed to unravel your aspirations and guide you towards your dreams.


Expert Guidance
Benefit from expert insights and guidance of a Dream Coach… me, Mark Cumicek!


Community Inspiration
Be inspired by the dreams, ideas, and goals of other dream-seekers on the same path as you. You’ll likely add a few new dreams to your list that you never thought of before!


Free Access
As my way of embracing an abundance mindset, this life-changing challenge is available to you at no cost. It’s my gift to you. Please invite others to join, too. I endeavor to help 100,000 people dream - again, more, or bigger.


Personal Dream List
After you've invested yourself in dreaming for 21 straight days to start a new year... you'll receive a PDF version of your Dream List in your inbox on June 22nd. What a way to invest in yourself and your compelling future!

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Ignite Your Passion, Define Your Goals, and Chase Your Dreams.

Join the 'Soar in 2024' Challenge and make 2024 the year you truly thrive.

Sign up now – it's free!

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