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The Dream Kickstarter Program

From quiet desperation to fully alive in 7 weeks. 

Only $179 per participant

“I started this program, as a person who didn't really think they had goals. Right at the top of this program I paid off a credit debt I never thought I would get out from under. Reading The Noticer helped me discover something inside myself. When I'm feeling down and out about something going on in my life, I hear Jones's voice guiding me through perspective. I can't say enough thank you's to my boss and to Mark for making this wonderful program." 

- Austin

Hold up! Though I'd love for you to begin Dream Kickstarter...

I risk losing money here, but it's more important to me that you have the best possible experience. With that in mind, if you haven't completed 21 Days of Dreaming, my suggestion is to START with that experience, then proceed to Dream Kickstarter. It's a smaller investment of time, energy and money... AND it shapes the proper mindset to get after your life goals and dreams. After 21 Days, you can decide if Dream Kickstarter is the right next step for you!

This coach guided & technology-enabled 7-week experience, gives individuals the tools and guidance to go from dream - to plan - to action.


"It has given me a vision for the future. I now feel equipped to set up a goal and have the process now to plan for achieving that goal. Another huge impact from the program was discovering my top 5 priorities and how I was spending the most time on my lowest of the 5. I’ve been setting up boundaries and plans so that this doesn’t continue in the future. I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to do this. Mark is extremely gifted, positive and encouraging throughout the process and I really appreciate his dedication to me as a person. Thank you!"

- Ashley

Perfect For:


Inspired Businesses 

You’re part of an organization inspired by the The Dream Manager book, seeking an effective, investment-friendly starter program for your team.


People-First Leaders 

You understand ultimate

business success and employee experience starts with helping your people be their absolute best version… at work and beyond.


Individuals Seeking More

You’ve fallen out of touch with your life dreams. As a ‘responsible adult’, they’ve been consumed by the whirlwind of daily life. It’s time to energize & 'un-stuck' your life

How it works

The dreams start here!

Weekly videos, exercises & challenges take participants from dream - to plan - to action.

No apps to download, software to install, passwords to remember, or websites to bookmark.



Plus: a bonus book club-like experience

Users will gain additional perspective & inspiration by reading The Noticer by Andy Andrews.

7-Week Dream Kickstarter Mobile Experience .png

Your 7-Week Roadmap

Plus: a bonus book club-like experience


“The Dream Kickstarter caused me to slow down and take a moment to really reflect on what I desired. As a result, I realized what I dreamed for was intangible. This program helped me to really look inside of my soul for what I wanted my life’s journey to be.”

- Vernetta

Meet Your Dream Coach


My name is Mark Cumicek.

Coaching and program facilitation by me! A Certified Dream Manager and Mental Fitness Coach.

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