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21 Days of Dreaming

The change you’ve been waiting for is here. 

Rediscover your dreams to become the fully alive version of YOU. 
1 Dream Prompt delivered each day!

All for less $ than your daily coffee

Reach higher with the help of the 21 day program.

🙏 Be inspired & guided to better living

⛅ Create intentional space to dream

🎯 Set yourself up for future success

🙌 Finish energized & reinvigorated 

91% user awesomeness rating

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Hear their stories

How the experience works


One video sent to you daily
(Via text or email)

The text includes a link to watch a short video containing your day’s dream prompt.


Watch, ponder & respond

Watch the video & put your

dream on *digital paper - the system documents your answer to your personal page and builds your personal dream list.


Be inspired by a community of dreamers

Read the answers of others and be inspired to dream deeper and achieve more!

Happy Woman

Invest in YOU!

$47 to change your life

You dream of being more fully alive; now is your chance. Click the button and start living the life you were meant to live!

Still unsure if this program is right for you? 


Created space

It was a great 21 Days, I’m still making changes, a bit at a time. It was inspiring and created thought space to look at my life and what I want to do in it. Thank you.

~ Maribeth 


Inspired, cajoled

Mark is an inspiring facilitator who inspired, cajoled, and guided me through an important end-of-year walk-about that I sorely needed to undertake. 

~ David


Peace & wonder

As I went through my 21 Days experience, I felt a sense of peace and wonder. I appreciated how each question could be interpreted & answered so differently by different people. 

~ Michelle

Here's what 21-day graduates have to say...

Ready to get started?

P.S. If you believe you'd benefit from this experience, but the investment is an obstacle, please send me a message and we'll find a path forward for you.

Similing Team

A leader is only as good as their team

How are you encouraging growth & connection?

21 days of dreaming empowers your team to focus on their dreams, and in turn, improve team performance.

Guide your people
Employees discover more about themselves… while cultivating a vision for a brighter future.

Build camaraderie
Allows your team to learn about each other's dreams & life goals… creating healthy vulnerability & 'water cooler' talk.

Gain invaluable insight
Provides insight for company leaders (like you!)… imagine what you'll learn about your people after reviewing their answers.

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