21 Days of Dreaming

It's time to dream again!

Only $21 per participant

This 21-day digital experience will challenge you with a daily dream-provoking, mind-opening question. Your Dream Coach, Mark Cumicek, will encourage and guide you in uncovering your most important life dreams and goals. Plus, you’ll be energized and inspired by seeing the dreams and goals of fellow participants.

“Mark is an inspiring facilitator who inspired, cajoled, and guided me through an important end-of-year walk-about that I sorely needed to undertake. His gentle reinforcement and spirited encouragement made such a difference in how deeply I engaged in this experience. Normally, I'm an "eye-rolling non-believer", but this series of interactions with Mark and our cohort was significantly better than any other I've been a part of.” 

- Dave

Your dreams are uniquely your dreams for a reason...

Sadly, I’ve heard the masses loud & clear. You've fallen out of touch with your life dreams and your life goals. And as a busy “responsible adult,” it's hard to make time and space to dream. You may even think you don't deserve to dream. Or, you may even think you're too old to dream anymore…

Well, I'm here to tell you that you can, you do, and you're not.

I'm also here to tell you that you're not alone. Henry David Thoreau had it right when he observed "most people lead lives of quiet desperation."


The way out starts with daring to dream again… it’s your first step towards living more fully alive!

How it works...


21 Days

Each day, you receive one question or prompt delivered via text or email... creating a mind-opening experience that encourages consistent, healthy, uncommon reflection. 


21 Questions

Each question or prompt is sure to be dream-provoking. Watch the video, ponder, enter your answer, and be inspired by seeing the dreams, goals, and ideas of other participants.


One Result

You exit the experience with a PDF version of your dream list. More importantly, you'll finish as an energized, reinvigorated, more inspired version of YOU!

Pro tip!

Make it a group experience...

Enhance your experience by completing these 21 days with a friend, colleague, or your team. Invite others to enroll today, and you’ll walk this daily experience together. It’s guaranteed to fuel amazing discussions at the workplace water cooler, kitchen table, and coffee shop!

Big team? We can help you efficiently enroll a larger group, just send a message with your team size and we'll quickly provide simple options!

“It was a great 21 Days, I’m still making changes, a bit at a time. It was inspiring and created thought space to look at my life and what I want to do in it. Thank you.”

- Maribeth

Meet Your Dream Coach


My name is Mark Cumicek.

Coaching and program facilitation by me! A Certified Dream Manager and Mental Fitness Coach.