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Are you struggling to truly engage your employees?

Is there a negative energy in your culture?

Are you trying fruitlessly to improve productivity?

Do you find it hard to garner employees trust?

 You’re not alone - ONLY 15% of employees are engaged

Why is that?... it's because many employees AREN’T passionate or engaged in their own lives.


If people aren't engaged in their life as a whole, they're NOT going to magically show up to work as a passionate, engaged and effective employee.


So how do we overcome this problem?


It’s not with free lunches.

It’s not with ping pong tables.

And it’s not with free beer on Fridays. 


It needs to go deeper.

We need to ignite personal dreams & transform your water cooler talk.

"An organization can only become the best-version-of-itself to the extent that the people who drive the organization are becoming better versions-of-themselves."  

~ Matthew Kelly

The Dream Manager


When your people thrive, so does your organization

Improve your engagement, build up trust.

Understand the true needs and desires of your team (dreams and life goals).

Help your people define their dreams and life goals—give them a future to work towards.

Have meaningful and honest conversations with your organization around those dreams.

Help your people make their professional, and personal dreams come true.

Be inspired by people like you!

When your people become more passionate & engaged in their lives, they naturally become more passionate, engaged, and effective at work.


“Through our dream sessions, I’ve been able to energize my career and my relationships.  Mark has helped me more clearly define my life priorities while challenging & encouraging me to get after my life goals and dreams.  It’s truly been a life changing experience.”



“Getting our team thinking about their life dreams fueled good dialogue outside of our day-to-day norm.  It carried over into our cocktail hour, team dinner, and beyond.”



"Mark has been such a great blessing in my life! We connected at exactly the right time! I had so many dreams, but didn’t know how to make them happen. He has helped me immensely in moving forward with them. I love our meetings together. Mark has helped me find hope and happiness in my life again!"


Let's get to work

For Companies

I work with companies of all sizes to deliver an experience that gives your employees the freedom to dream again, and make them a reality. 

For You

I work with individuals and small groups who are looking to re-engage their energy and engagement in life.