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21 Days of Dreaming

You deserve to dream...

Uncover your dreams & become a more fully alive version of YOU. 
1 Dream Prompt delivered each day!
Challenge starts Monday, February 5th
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Reach higher with the help of this 21-Day Dream Challenge

🙏 Be inspired & guided to envision a more compelling future

⛅ Create space to connect with YOUR dreams & goals

🎯 Build real hope and meet the future version of you

🙌 Finish energized & reinvigorated 

How the experience works...


One video sent to you daily
(Via text or email)

The text includes a link to watch a short video containing your day’s dream prompt.


Watch, ponder & respond

Watch the video & put your

dream on *digital paper - the system documents your answer to your personal page and builds your personal dream list.


Be inspired by a community of dreamers

Read the answers of other PHCs and be inspired to dream deeper and achieve more!

Happy Woman

Invest in YOU!

It takes only 2 - 3 minutes per day

You dream of being more fully alive; now is your chance. Click the button and start uncovering the life goals you were meant to pursue!

Still unsure if this Challenge is right for you? 


Created space

It was a great 21 Days, I’m still making changes, a bit at a time. It was inspiring and created thought space to look at my life and what I want to do in it. Thank you.

~ Maribeth 


Unsure to inspired

At first, I wasn't sure if this challenge was a good fit. However, Mark encouraged me to stay with it. I wound up completing the 21 days and had so much fun. During that time, I focused on self and true desires.

~ Diana


Peace & wonder

As I went through my 21 Days experience, I felt a sense of peace and wonder. I appreciated how each question could be interpreted & answered so differently by different people. 

~ Michelle

Here's what 21-day graduates have to say...

Need a nudge of encouragement?

HOPE is coming! Check out Lisa's dream story below ⤵️
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